The Return to Dimona

What will the world look like in 2076 after the climate catastrophe fully strikes?

What will the world look like in 2076 after the climate catastrophe fully strikes?

It will be hot, plagued by dust storms or floods, famine, drought, migration and war. And people will struggle to survive. The cli-fi series The Last Century, authentically shows the life in such a world and persuades the readers that we need to do our best to avoid such a scenario.

The individual events are unlikely to take place as described, but some of the described developments are already being seriously addressed by scientists studying climate change. The main message of the book is that the fate of the Earth, the only known planet carrying life, in some twenty, thirty or fifty years is in our hands today.

My name is Jakub Filo. I am a seasoned Slovak journalist, currently holding the position of deputy editor-in-chief of the daily SME, one of the most influential media providers in Slovakia. I have been awarded the OSF Journalism Award, as well as several other journalism honors sponsored by the Literary Fund. I have authored and edited The Road to Freedom, a publication celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. In addition, I have also been intensively researching and writing about climate change topics. My upcoming book How to Solve the Crisis will be published by the daily SME in September 2021. It offers an in-depth examination of individual and systemic solutions to the climate crisis. I am member of the initiative Climate Needs You, which have organized the largest environmental climate petition in Slovakia.

The Last Century – Return to Dimona takes place in 2076, following catastrophic events caused by the climate crisis. Part of the planet has become uninhabitable, forcing the remaining pockets of civilization to fight for valuable resources and for their survival. One of such pockets is the League, or what has remained of the European Union, which sends its Alpha teams to uninhabitable territories. Their objective is to  collect old technologies and research materials that could aid in finding solutions to climate change. We meet Alpha team members Major Robin Wells and Lieutenant Thess Reevie, an orphan raised in a military environment, as they stumble upon indications that a secret organization called the Malthusian Circle has infiltrated the very top echelon of the League’s leadership. Led by the ominous Highest Chancellor Rebeka Grubber, the Malthusian Circle hopes to solve the existing climate crisis by eliminating most of humanity. On top of that, Thess’ parents have played a crucial role in Grubber’s plan. The battle for the salvation of the human race has begun.

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